Rubbish Removal Service and Mobile Skip Hire

Got a garage you can’t fit your car in?           Got a bedroom you can’t fit your kids in?           Got a spare room that’s now an unofficial junk room?

How does it work?

We provide customers with several options for getting rid of junk and rubbish, our most popular service is WE LOAD IT FOR YOU.

You call, we come and quote, if you’re happy with the price, we can do the job on the spot. It doesn’t get much easier than that! We’re hassle free, you’re rubbish free and we even sweep up afterwards.

Our regular customers include Home owners, Business owners, Real Estate Agents and families with deceased estates.

Not at home during the day? Not a problem!

Not at home during the day because you work? Not a problem. We don’t get to meet 50% of our customers because they’re at work, interstate or overseas. We’re trusted and reliable, just read our testimonials.

Just email or text a couple of photos of your rubbish and we’ll be able to give you an approximate price over the phone.

We can then make arrangements for the job to be done while you’re at work or on holidays. We can even send you photos when the jobs finished, so you can see how clean and tidy it now looks.

We load it for you!

The Rubbish Guy is a cost effective way of getting rid of rubbish, because you only pay for what we take away.

If you hire a regular mini skip or bin that sits on your nature strip, the bin must have a council permit and your neighbours add their junk after dark.

You pay a set price, whether it’s nearly empty or full. Our service solves that problem, because you only pay for what we take away. Nothing more, nothing less!

Mobile Skip Hire

We also offer a mobile skip hire service, for those of you who want to sort through stuff and then get rid of it at the same time.

We range from 3m capacity to 9m capacity, so we can handle any amount, and remember – you only pay for how much you fill – not the whole skip.

Wheelie Bin Hire

These are ideal for corporate events, fetes, parties, weddings – anywhere that you’ve got people, food and drink.

Our clients are Mums and Dads, event planners, wedding planners, sporting clubs.

We’ve been to lots of events at Villawood – Armstrong Creek, Rip Curl Pro events, end of year sports club functions, celebrity weddings (….can’t say who), 21sts, 50ths and even a Wake.

We’ve also provided wheelie bins for cleanups and decluttering when there’s not enough room at the property for a skip.

Our bins are 240 lt, delivered clean and fresh with liners. Service includes delivery, pickup and disposal. wheelie bin hire geelong

We make life easy so you can spend time on the things important to you

  • One call and it’s gone
  • No hidden surprises

Items with an
extra charge

  • Mattresses
  • Car tyres
  • Gas bottles

We don’t accept

  • Asbestos

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